Air travel about to become even more irritating

Source: RT
June 3, 2017

The TSA is quietly testing new screening procedures for carry-on bags that could make flying that much more cumbersome and invasive for travelers. The program has been rolled out at selected airports but may soon see implementation nationwide. RT America’s Brigida Santos reports.

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3 thoughts on “Air travel about to become even more irritating”

    1. Same here. I haven’t flown in nigh 10 years for various reasons, and probably never will. Driving is a lot more fun and interesting! Road trips rock. Never took one until in my 20s and its something everyone should do more often, although most probably don’t.

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      1. Ironically, my dad worked for United and we flew free, however we’d still take road trips to FL and CA to visit family. He didn’t like to rent cars, oddly enough.
        I last flew to St. Thomas for my wedding 5 years back. I really set the TSA off all over the airport. At the main area, I was shuttled aside and patted down, while my sandels were chemically tested. Then at the gate, I was asked for ID. .. Before I could get that back in my wallet, a different guard told me “random bag check” and had me remove my carefully, packed, white wedding dress and place it on the floor! I was livid! However, could I show my anger without risking arrest? NO. I had to suck it up and order bloody Marys upon getting seated. 😠
        As fast as I’m concerned, there is enough planet to see from Canada to Chili that I can see from a windshield!

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