You Can Grow Food Anywhere! Tour of Echo in South Florida Gardening

Source: GrowingYourGreens
February 6, 2017

John from goes on a field trip to the Echo Global Farm in Fort Myers, Florida to share with you examples of growing fruits and vegetables in many different climate zones around the world.

In this episode, you will learn more about ECHO, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people around the world to grow their own food. You will also get a rare over 60-minute tour of the Echo Global farm that simulates many different kinds of growing conditions around the world, and how Echo is demonstrating how to grow in many different types climate zones around the world.

You will learn more about some of the problems in the world surrounding food and nutrition that plague the world. You will discover some solutions to common problems of growing food and being more sustainable on the planet.

First, you will learn more about the power of worm castings, and how to keep worms in a hot, tropical environment. You will discover two of the best free resources you can feed worms to create a higher quality worm casting.

You will learn ways to grow tilapia fish along with ducks to form a more sustainable relationship. You will learn special buildings that can keep your pigs and goats safe and clean conditions and make harvesting their manure a breeze.

You will discover how you can use your own manure to create gas that can heat your home or cook your food. You will learn how to make an easy hand-washing station out of a liquid laundry detergent bottle.

You will discover how farmers grow food in the semi-arid tropics, in monsoon areas that get hit hard with lots of rainfall, as well as more tropical climates.

You will discover some of the most important vegetables that you should be growing in your South Florida gardens that will thrive in your specific climate zone.

You will learn how you can grow on top a concrete slab, concrete patio, or concrete rooftop in the middle of a city. You will learn how to use commonly thrown away items such as carpets, rugs, tires, soda bottles, plastic jugs and more to grow more food.

This episode is filled with hundreds of “nuggets” of gardening and farming information that is sure to change your life.

After watching this episode, you will have a better awareness of Echo and their work around the world, as well as many practical tips to empower you to grow more food at your home.


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