Two (Very) Basic Urban Survival Navigation Tips

Source: RealitySurvival
J.J. Johnson
January 21, 2017

This video covers 2 basic urban survival tips that discuss how the freeway numbering system can help tell you what direction it runs and also touches on a common grid system layout for planned cities that has streets run east and west and avenues run north and south. This is not standardized in all cities so be sure to check your city to see if they have a different system.

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2 thoughts on “Two (Very) Basic Urban Survival Navigation Tips”

  1. You have it so easy.
    We’ve got roads, streets, avenues, walks, lanes, and crescents.
    All go somewhere, others just stop or suddenly change their classification.
    Roads are numbered m?? for motorways, a???? for main roads (loads of them), b???? (loads of them) for minor roads, and a weird classification which usually is just a squiggle on a map but you may get a small car down it.(don’t ask how many!)
    Only here’s the thing.
    Everything goes every which way!
    Thus if in doubt carry a right way up indicator aka a compass!

    Asking for directions depends on who you talk to but the common one is to navigate by what we call pubs, you call bars.

    And finally, we NEVER trust a GPS.
    Most of the maps are 10 years out of date, the spelling is wrong, and the most accurate use is by entering the postal (zip) code, getting close , and asking the way.

    Apart from that, everything about UK navigation on roads is easy as we have a abundance of street and route signs!

    You’ll still get lost though, everyone does.

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