Common Core Crisis [Part 1] – Time Waste

Zy Marquiez
January 15, 2017

While researching many topics like Autism, Homeschooling, Public Schooling and others, have gotten to know myself a few more parents within the public schooling system.  These individuals and myself tend to talk about wide-ranging subjects, but usually end up focusing quite a bit on education, and schooling, which are not the same thing by the way.  Naturally, a conversation recently dovetailed into the worst of American Public Schooling Fooling – Common Core.

There are many people that have spoken out at length regarding common core, and am throwing my hat into this ring for what its worth.

An example of the ludicrousy that is Common Core follows.

After striking up a conversation with someone who teaches special needs kids privately and does ABA therapy, this person went on a rant with the intensity akin to a flamethrower.

She teaches 4 kids with one family, and one of the kids is getting a lesson in….

…wait for it…

…wait for it…


INSTANT MESSAGING!  This is not a joke!  Oh, but it gets better.

This kid was being taught acronyms to foster ‘increased learning’ in the classroom.  SERIOUSLY!?

If you buy that one you believe babies deliver storks.  Let’s proceed.

Not only was the above the case, but this child had never even USED instant messaging, knew what it was, nor had used slang.  If am not mistaken, this child is around 7-8 years old.  Her parents tutor her privately, and she’s a rather bright kid.  She communicates with regular words [even the thought of having to say this hurts], and in full sentences [The audacity huh!].  She couldn’t wrap her head as to why anyone would start using incomplete words, sentences, and the like.

What became obvious was that, because she didn’t KNOW this ‘unknown language’, it was stalling her poor excuse for what passes for learning nowadays.   Every other line, a new acronym was placed, and she couldn’t’ understand that was being said.  HELL, my ADULT educator friend didn’t understand most of it either.  And yet, this is the notion that passes for education nowadays.

Have heard of dozens and dozens of other examples, ranging the full gamut.  Many are just as bad, and some far worse.

This was a new type of low though.  It’s as if they wish to fragment the mind into as many pieces as possible, and get these children focusing on everything but education.  For what it’s worth, they’re doing a bang-up job at it too![Click Here To See More]

No wonder public schooling keeps falling through the abyss ceaselessly. 

And at the rate its going, it seems there is no limit to how far the fall will continue.

If you’re a parent, you should really considering homeschooling or at minimum supplemental education with some private tutoring, even if it means tutoring yourself.

For if the system has its way, it will continue dumbing us down, as it has been for quite some time.

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Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who regularly studies subjects such as: Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more. His own personal blog is where his personal work is shared, while serves as a media portal which mirrors vital information usually ignored by mainstream press, but still highly crucial to our individual understanding of various facets of the world. My work can also be found on

7 thoughts on “Common Core Crisis [Part 1] – Time Waste”

  1. I despise common core! I have read a lot about it and have done my own intense research and there is nothing I like about it. I homeschool because I value true education.

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    1. That’s great! Yeah, the more one reads about Common Core, the more insidious you see it is. It’s awesome that you’re doing homeschooling, that’s a fantastic idea. That’s something that will certainly continue to grow over time as people realize what’s going on.

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