Automated Indoor Vertical Grow Wall with LED Lighting + More at CES 2017

Source: GrowingYourGreens
John Cole
January 10, 2017

John from share with you the NEWest Gardening Tech products that can help you to grow more of your own food faster and easier even if you never have grown anything in your life before. Highlights include a Grow Wall that allows you to grow up to 75 plants in just 5 square feet of space and a connected scale that will automatically water your plants so you don’t have to.

In this episode, John attends the International 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets introduced at this years CES that will enable you water your garden while saving water, automatically water your container plants for up to 6 months on one battery charge, and grow food indoors using automated hydroponic systems that will turn on and off the energy-saving LED lighting and control the water pumps so your plants get the proper amount of water. You will discover this and a whole lot more with the garden tech gadgets unveiled in this episode filmed at CES 2017.

You will learn about the following items in this episode:

01:43 Netro Wifi Connected Smart Irrigation Timer- Install this timer and it can control up to 12 stations and automatically water your garden based on the weather and other information. Pair it with up to 12 wireless solar sensors to have even more precise watering. Learn more at

10:25 Kanopy25 is a connected scale that will automatically water your plants based on soil moisture level in any container plant that weighs up to 80 pounds. All you set is the lower and upper limit for water and the kanopy25 will keep it in the range. Use your own water container and water for up to 6 months on one charge. Can control and keep track of moisture level on your connected iphone or android. Learn more at

18:31 The Opcom Grow Box, Grow Wall, Grow Frame and Farm Cube allows you to grow food anywhere. Using energy-saving LED lighting and pumps that are computer controlled to provide water and give light to your microgreens and vegetables. The Grow Box allows you to grow 50 plants on your countertop. The Grow Wall allows you to grow 75 plants vertically on a wall, the Grow Frame allows you to grow 33 plants and the Connected Farm Cube allows you to grow up to 200 plants to supply vegetables to a restaurant or commercial operation. Get a special $100 discount on the Grow Box or Grow Wall until 1/15 with the coupon code OPCOMCES2017 at

32:24 The Natufia Kitchen Garden allows you to grow up to 32 plants in a “luxury” grow box that is the size of a fridge. This high-end machine is made from the highest quality materials including stainless steel, ceramic and compostable plastic. Grow Organic Herbs and Vegetables using a fully automated hydroponic system that is internet connected. Learn more at


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