Media dare not report wave of paralyzed children caused by vaccines

Acute flaccid myelitis

J.D. Heyes
November 7, 2016

The establishment media, already shedding eyeballs, subscribers and – most importantly, advertisers – has to be careful about what it reports these days, lest these outlets descend even further into financial dire straits.

That, of course, includes ‘playing nice’ with Big Pharma, which invests tens of millions of dollars each year into newspaper, magazine and TV advertising.

So it’s not surprising to find very little real reporting on what may actually be vaccine-related injuries, especially to small children – even when those injuries are now occurring at an increasingly rapid pace.

In the past few years, the Los Angeles Times reported, hundreds of children have been taken to hospitals around the country after they suddenly became partially or fully paralyzed, unable to move their limbs. Dozens in that past few months alone have become paralyzed.

A cousin to the polio virus found

But doctors and scientists are alarmed – and puzzled – because they can’t seem to find out why this is happening to more and more kids. This kind of sudden paralysis has not occurred since the days when the polio virus was ravaging the population.

The Times reported that doctors in various parts of the country have been treating some of the afflicted children for an autoimmune disease, but experts said that wasn’t likely because paralysis would, in every case, be systemic and not limited to one or two limbs.

So, some doctors began to take a fresh look at the polio virus, even though it was eradicated in the U.S. so long ago that almost no doctors working today have even seen a case. Plus, the children who are being affected with sudden paralysis have been vaccinated for polio.

But researchers in California, where a number of cases were being reported, decided to test victims for viruses that were in the same family as the one that causes polio, and in doing so, they identified one – enterovirus D-68 – that was present in some partially paralyzed patients, the Times reported.

Was this the missing link?

Especially rare, enterovirus D-68 was almost never seen after being discovered in 1962 in four California children who had developed pneumonia. While found to be a cousin of the polio virus it was thought only to cause runny noses and a cough.

But by 2014 the rare virus was beginning to not be so rare anymore. Children with difficulty in breathing were showing up at E.R.’s around the country, with news reports saying that it was a rare virus that caused colds.

But then a young boy, 11, from Texas who was only suffering from what appeared to be a normal fever lost the ability to walk and move his right arm all of a sudden. A 17-year-old girl in California began suddenly experiencing severe neck pain and wound up in a hospital, paralyzed from the neck down. A 13-year-old Oregon boy’s diaphragm stopped functioning, leaving him connected to a ventilator to breathe, completely paralyzed.

‘Vaccines have to be considered’

And so on. Soon, the condition even had a formal name: Acute flaccid myelitis, or AMF. The Times reported that, between August 2014 and January 2015, 120 children (mean age of 7) in 34 states were diagnosed with AMF, according to federal health officials.

Scientists now believe that the virus travels to the spinal cord, where it then affects motor function. But, like polio, they also believe that any damage done by AMF is irreversible.

Is a vaccine responsible? According to the British Medical Journal, that cannot be ruled out.

“It is taboo to suggest a role for vaccines, but some old-timers remember ‘provocation poliomyelitis’ or ‘provocation paralysis,'” the journal noted in an analysis of AMF posted to its website. “This is paralytic polio following intramuscular injections, typically with vaccines.”

The analysis concluded: “If a polio-like virus is circulating in the U.S., the possibility of its provocation by one or more vaccines has to be considered.”

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