Fluoride Besides Being A Neurotoxin Can Cause Cancer

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Zy Marquiez
August 26, 2016

“The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is ‘safe.’”
– Dr. Ludgwig Grosse, Chief of Cancer Research, U.S. Veterans Administration.

“This record is barren of any credible and reputable scientific epidemiological studies and/or analysis of statistical data which would support the Illinois Legislatures determination that fluoridation of the water supplies is both a safe and effective means of promoting public health.”
– Illinois Judge Ronald Niemann (presided over litigation involving fluoridation)

Do you drink fluoridated water?  Not sure?  Better check, because more than 60% of water is fluoridated in America, and fluoride besides being a neurotoxin also can cause cancer.  That doesn’t even begin to get into the other toxins in water such as arsenic, PFASs and more.

For more information on Fluoride’s health issues please read:

Rethinking Fluoride Fluoridation – Over 25 Disturbing Quotes About The Neurotoxin Fluoride
Breakaway Guide To Fluoride

The video below elucidates on this issue rather well.  Please don’t take this for granted.

Source: iHealthTube
August 26, 2016

Dr. David Kennedy discusses fluoride and a specific study that was done on animals. Find out what was revealed in the study and what was covered up. He also discusses the prescription form of fluoride and what red flags should be raised there, but aren’t. When it’s all said and done, find out why he says fluoride is a carcinogen and what that should concern you!

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Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who regularly studies subjects such as: Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more. His own personal blog is BreakawayConsciousnessBlog.wordpress.com where his personal work is shared, while TheBreakaway.wordpress.com serves as a media portal which mirrors vital information usually ignored by mainstream press, but still highly crucial to our individual understanding of various facets of the world. My work can also be found on https://steemit.com/@zyphrex.

7 thoughts on “Fluoride Besides Being A Neurotoxin Can Cause Cancer”

  1. I have asked many forced-fluoridation fanatics to tell me how much accumulated fluoride in the body they think is safe. So far not a single one of them has been able to answer the question.

    It is unlikely to just be a coincidence that the US, Australia, and Ireland, which have had high rates of forced-fluoridation for decades, also have high rates of joint problems, and poor health outcomes in general.

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      1. Thanks. Most do NOT think it is an advantage, but they are not looking at the big picture. I wish I could be so naive 😋
        Be sure you can get that well, many municipalities are trying to stop you. Our nearby town is trying to incorporate us and make us pay to have sewer and water run to our homes, along with capping our wells.
        They come to our door, praising how good the water will be… I tell them about fluoride and Flint, Michigan… They blankly state at me, take a breath, smile and say.. but city water is better! Sigh.
        Sheep is the only word that comes to mind.

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