Breakaway Links Of The Day – August 8, 2016

Zy Marquiez
August 9, 2016

Yesterday was quite a busy day, and there is much to be gleaned from many of the links depending on what info one gravitates too.

Make sure to glance at the titles because there’s a lot of gems in here.

Hope all is well.

Princeton Professor Shows How Easy It Is To Hack An Election In Just 7 Minutes
Another way [yes, ANOTHER] that S/elections may be carried out, and of course the Mainstream Media is predictably ignoring it.
[ | Claire Bernish]

The Latest In Mind Manipulation Technology: Neural Smart Dust…?
A disturbing prospect of what the future of Nano-smart dust portends.  This is something everyone should be cognizant of.
[ | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health Condition
[ | Jon Rappoport]

Florida To Deploy Thousands Of GMO Mosquitoes To Combat Zika; Scientists Say Environmental Impacts Unknown
[ | J.D. Heyes]

Zika Virus Now A Mental Epidemic Of Pandemic Proportions Thanks To Mass Media Hysteria
If you haven’t looked into issues with Zika and propaganda regarding it, this would be a solid place to start. 
[ | S.D. Wells]

You Tell Me: US Space Commander Found Dead
[ | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

Genetically Engineered Coconuts Now Invading US
[ | S.D. Wells]

What You’ll Never Read About Virus-Research Fraud
Another salient analysis regarding extensive fraud in Virology. 
[ | Jon Rappoport]

The Hidden Patterns Of Creation [Part 1 & 2] – A Conversation With Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
[Forum Borealis | Al]

How Monsanto’s Roundup Unleashes Chemical Violence Against Women & Children
Another unfortunate crime Monsanto keeps adding up to their extensive resume. 
[ | L.J. Devon]

Researchers Conclude: An Unknown Human Species Bred With Ancient Humans
According to experts, an unknown species bred with early human ancestors as they migrated from Africa to Australasia. Based on the new study, researchers have concluded that there are sections of DNA that did not match any previously identified hominin species.

Physicist & Consciousness Researcher Tom Campbell – Fireside Chat July 2016 – [Part 1]
[Tom Campbell]

Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Collapse…Voters In Shock After Photos Show Her Unable To Walk Up Small Flights Of Stairs
[ | Mike Adams]

Is This Why Your Body Is Too Acidic?
An interesting angle into the human body’s alkalinity. 

Monsanto Just Gave Us On More Reason To Grow Food, Not Lawns
[ | Christina Sarich]

Two Deaths Of Anti-Clinton Activists In Two Days Raises Serious Questions
[ | Claire Bernish]

Putin: Nyet To Neo-Liberals, Da To National Development
[ |. William Engdhal]

Audit Reveals That Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Dollars Has Gone
[ | Jay Syrmopoulos]

5 Of The Most Advanced Ancient Civilizations On Earth You Should Know About

Frankincense’s Cellular Healing Power Is A Powerful Solution For Many Types Of Cancer
[ | Daniel Barker]

Seed Starting Cool Weather Crops Outdoors In Seed Trays & Discounted Organic Fertilizers
[TheRustedGarden | Gary Pilarchik]

How To Avoid The Obesity-Related Plastic Chemical BPA
[ | Dr. Gregger]

Your Body Is Trying To Detox – Don’t Do This

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