Breakaway Links Of The Day – August 5, 2016 | King Arthur, Soldier-nauts [!], Health, Amazon Echo Spying Platform & More

Zy Marquiez
August 6, 2016

As it so happens from time to time, it seems that another ‘myth’ might be crumbling right before our times.  This time, regarding the ‘myth’ of King Arthur.

Although not yet confirmed, there is evidence that perhaps King Arthur might not be the stuff of legend.  Remember, Troy was considered a myth for a really really long time, and now the actual city has been found and confirmed.  This has also happened in quite a few other circumstances.  Could this be of similar happenstance?  Time will tell, but its intriguing nonetheless  If you are interested in that link, it’s the third one down the line.

If you’re interested in space, please read Dr. Farrell’s view on ‘Soldiernauts’ [first link below].  It certainly paints a rather disturbing prospect at what the future might portend if what Farrell states becomes reality.

For those health aware people, please watch Dr. Gregers presentation on diet and nutrition.  Yeah, yeah, its not the sexy topic people love talking about, but hey, with hundreds of thousands of people dying yearly of diseases that can be stopped, prevented, and even reversed in some instances with proper diet, its vital to have cognizance into what we expose our bodies too.

And for those concerned about the evolution of spying and privacy, please view the link on the Amazon Echo.  Its implications are troublesome in more ways than one.

In any case, hope everyone is well.  Today is going to be a great day.

Make sure  yours is a stellar one too.

New US Space Force: Soldiernauts?
[ | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

THIRD WORLD:   Flint Mayor Suspends Garbage Pick-Ups, Tells Residents To Keep Trash Inside Pending Further Notice
[ | Jonathan Benson]

Dark Ages Royal Palace Discovered In Cornwall – In Area Closely Linked To The Legend Of King Arthur
[ | David Keys]

Revealed: 4,500-Year-Old Papyrus That Details The Construction Of The Great Pyramid

Pneumonia Vaccines Being Pushed On Seniors With Cancer Despite Manufacture’s Warnings Of Adverse Reactions
[ | Amy Goodrich]

Revolution Impossible?
[Corbett Report Extras | James Corbett]

Florida Preparing To Fight Zika With Controversial Insecticide Linked To Severe Health & Environmental Effects
[ | Julie Wilson]

Dr. Mercola & Dr. Seyfried On Mitochondria & Metabolic Therapy
[ | Dr. Mercola]

News & Views From The Nefarium – August 5, 2016
[ | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

National Guard, DEA & State Police Just Raided An 81-Year Old Cancer Patient’s Organic Garden To ‘Protect’ You
[ | Matt Agorist]

The Black Knight Satellite: Remnant Of Ancient Anunnaki Technology?

FINALLY! First Senior Bankers On The Planet Responsible For 2008 Collapse Jailed
[ | Matt Agorist]

Physicist & Consciousness Researcher Tom Campbell At The Monroe Institute [3/6]
[Tom Campbell]

Amazon Echo Is The Ultimate Spy Device That Records Everything You Say

[ | Ethan A. Huff]

How To Space Your Plants When Growing In A Raised Bed Garden
[ | John]

The USA Debt Time-Bomb Tocking,Ticking, Tock, Tick…
[ | F. William Engdahl]

New APP Exposes HIPAA Violations, Allowing Consumers To View Privacy Breaches By Medical Providers
[ | L.J. Devon]

How Not To Die: The Role Of Diet In Preventing, Arresting & Reversing Our Top 15 Killers
[ | Dr. Greger]

For The First Time Ever, A Private Company Is Authorized To Exploit The Moon

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