Congress Approves Monsanto DARK Act 2.0, Destroying Consumers’ Chances Of Having On-Package Labels

GMO labeling
L.J. Devon
July 20, 2016

With bipartisan support in Congress, Monsanto’s Dark Act 2.0 is on the verge of becoming federal law, destroying consumers’ chances of having real, on-package labels for GMOs. This fraudulent GMO labeling law would allow big food companies to hide information on GMOs by embedding that information in QR codes. This covert method of labeling would discriminate against countless low income families, seniors and the disabled. If you don’t own a Smartphone, you won’t have the means to scan products on store shelves and get any information on whether or not the product contains GMOs.

The biotech industry’s next covert act of deception and control is upon us

The state of Vermont recently passed a much more honest food transparency law, requiring companies to come clean about GMOs directly on package labeling. The new federal law, however, would completely override Vermont’s food transparency law, reversing the progress the state has already made. Any other state food transparency laws will also be shut down. Under the federal government’s sham GMO labeling law, the un-elected and unaccountable bureaucracy of the USDA will take charge and make all the rules for GMO disclosure in covert QR codes and 1-800 numbers.

This means that Monsanto and the rest of the biotech cartel will now have direct access to writing their own rules for what passes as a GMO. Networking their way into positions within the USDA, the biotech industry will have a golden opportunity to hijack the entire information process on biotechnology going out to the public. If a food product contains refined sugar obtained from GMO sugar beets, for example, the QR code for that package can lead consumers to believe that the product is GMO free, because the ingredient isn’t directly a GMO – it’s a refined version of one. The same tricks would apply to GM soy products. If a product contained soybean oil, the QR code would lead consumers to believe that the refined product was non-GMO and natural, even though the product is made from genetically modified soy, sprayed heavily with carcinogenic glyphosate.

Using these deceptive tactics, the biotech industry can work through the USDA to completely hoodwink the public about what a GMO is, concealing the presence of transgenic material in food products across the board. The law also holds no company accountable. There are no penalties for companies who don’t comply, so the QR codes will be nothing but a jungle of misinformation and deception.

The biotech industry is losing and they know it

This sham GMO labeling bill is a sign that Monsanto and the biotech controllers are desperate. They want the people to believe in their chemical and genetic experiments, but this shameful law and these covert tactics only permit perpetual poisoning of the populace through continued spraying of herbicides on crops and continued coating of pesticides on seeds.

Consumers are rejecting all this and the biotech industry knows it. Belief in their products is falling. Studies show that over 40 percent of American consumers are avoiding or reducing GMOs in their diets – and that’s without labels to help navigate the change! In 2014, there was an $8 billion increase in sales of non-GMO certified products. Every year, there are 2,000 or more new non-GMO products hitting store shelves in the U.S. Organic food has seen double digit growth for several years now, as consumers reject chemicals and synthetic food ingredients.

If President Obama wanted to prove to Americans that he isn’t a charlatan on the issue of food transparency, then he would veto this bill and urge Americans to demand honest and real food labels from their elected representatives.

Sign this petition to ask President Obama to veto the bill. If the government fails us yet again, prepare to take the fight for clean food to a whole new level. We must reject being their experimental rats. We must reject the poisonous chemicals they put in our foods!

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