Brexist & Swexist: The EU In Trouble

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
June 23, 2016

As I noted earlier this week, it has been a week of geopolitical news that has left my email articles folders fairly well stuffed to the gills with articles of world-goings-on that has made final selection of stories difficult, but there have been two developments in Europe, each with their own indications that the EU, as currently constituted, is in deep trouble.

A word about that phrase, “the EU, as currently constituted” is in order before we proceed, for it is that current constitution that has two of Europe’s oldest democratic nations, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, reconsidering the whole venture. As I attempted to show in my recent book The Third Way, the current sand very un-democratic structure of the EU, which  vests all real decision-making power in the hands of a few un-elected “commissioners” and bureaucratic regulators. This mirrors in many detailed ways the plans of the wartime Nazis for precisely such a post-war “European federation,”, where real power was to be vested in precisely such a set of “commissioners” (think of them as Reichkommisaren and Gauleitern) who would represent the Grossraumkartel (large space cartel) of the giant German and Italian combines such as I.G. Farben, which, with the then Reichswirtschaftsminister (Reich Economic Minister) Dr. Walhter Funk, jointly sponsored a study, published in Berlin in 1942, of precisely how to establish such a Germany-dominated “federation.” Additionally, I pointed out how Nazi jurist Dr. Walter Hallstein and other legal thinkers also added details to this structure. As I pointed out in that book, the EU bears an uncanny resemblance to these designs, and, it should be noted, Dr. Hallstein became a prominent eminence grise to several post-war West German Chancellors, from Dr. Adenauer to Willi Brandt. CDU or SDP, Dr. Hallstein was there to make sure the “plan” moved forward.

Britain, as always, was the constant spoiler of these ambitions (let it be recalled that it was Great Britain that exposed the 1953 Nazi Naumann coup attempt against Adenauer), Lady Margaret Thatcher’s Government being the first to strongly voice concerns about the whole project, but with British concerns continuing down to our own time, and demanding a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or leave. THe driving issue here, for most Britons, has been that first voiced (and one needn’t add, strongly voiced) by Mrs. Thatcher: how would the EU institutions impact on long-standing and deeply-rooted English institutions of freedom and law? And the answer was, and is, “adversely”. Under the current EU arrangement, no national court supersedes the EU courts, which again, are profoundly un-democratic institutions.

But, the news out of the United Kingdom for Brexit advocates has taken a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse, with the assassination of a prominent pro-Brexit MP, as these stories – shared by several readers of this website from the United Kingdom – show:

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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.



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4 thoughts on “Brexist & Swexist: The EU In Trouble”

  1. the shock-waves are already being felt in Canada… our dollar dropped (immediately), people are concerned about travel arrangements and relatives living in the UK. The newspapers’ talk about “a divorce that will take years to settle”. It looks like the future is very uncertain. Our stock market is set to open in 30 minutes, which will most likely bring further drops :S a big punch that will, yet again, take years to recover from (I am thinking of the 2008 recession which we are still recovering from)

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    1. Yeah there’s definitely some tumultuous times ahead, although don’t think this in it of itself will cause a collapse. It will increase/cause uncertainty and send shockwaves as you said. Its prudent to be prepared. And wholeheartedly agree with you about 2008-09. The issues were never fixed. They were glazed over. The trillions were given to the banks, but they just pocketed. They never helped anyone. Now, it would be interesting although unnerving [perhaps?] if we saw OTHER countries follow suit. We know other countries have expressed their displeasure with the EU. We’ll see how this plays out. Let me know how things in Canada pan out.

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    2. If you have time, or can listen to something in the background, you should really listen to this interview. Think you will greatly appreciate it. The wealth of knowledge we’ve learned from this women has been beyond immense, plus her points of view are rational. Got a chance to see her in person at a conference last year and she’s as authentic as they come. If you can’t listen to it today then at least save it for later. It will be worth it. It will explain a lot of the garbage going on today:

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