Breast Cancer Survivor Credits Exercise & A Raw Food Diet For Her Miraculous Recovery

Raw food
Isabelle Z.
June 5, 2016

When Australian Janette Murray-Wakelin got the news that she had a highly aggressive type of breast cancer and could only expect to live for about six more months at just 52 years of age, she decided that the news was simply unacceptable.

After extensive research into her condition, Janette decided to work together with a naturopathic physician to devise a holistic approach including her body, mind and spirit.

She said: “I knew that it made sense to do everything I could to give the body the tools it needed to take me on my journey to optimum health. Our extensive research not only gave us the knowledge to do just that, but also the confidence to know that I had made the right choice.”

Janette was already active, but she decided to add even more exercise to her routine and took on yoga and long-distance running. She took advantage of her time spent exercising to get closer to nature, whether she was running barefoot on the beach or along a mountain trail.

She also decided to increase her nutritional intake. She found that juicing was a great way to get more nutrients into her body because she simply couldn’t eat the amount of food it would take to get the nutrients she wanted. She recounts eating what felt like a “truckload” of carrots each week, and she also started drinking wheatgrass juice after learning about its high content of vitamins and minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll.

“I knew from the research that we had done, that this was a crucial factor in stopping the mutation of cancer cells,” she said. “Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, therefore the more oxygen I could pump into the body through exercise, conscious breathing and drinking wheatgrass, the better!”

Some of the other foods she started eating more of were broccoli, beetroot and Brussels sprouts.

Going raw transformed her health

Janette had long followed a vegan diet, but she decided to give up cooked food and switch to an all-raw diet, which she says gave her incredible clarity of mind almost instantly, and also led her to lose some weight. She said that even though her diet had already been relatively clean, and the change in her eating habits wasn’t terribly drastic, the improvement this spurred in her overall health was tremendous.

“Not only did I immediately experience clarity of mind, increased energy, specific injury healing and a feeling of well-being, but I actually cured myself of cancer!” It doesn’t really get any better than that!

Before the six months her doctor had initially given her to live were over, she actually received a clean bill of health and all signs of cancer had left her body.

Twelve years after her scary diagnosis, Janette and her husband decided to run 365 marathons on 365 consecutive days, despite being in their 60s, proving that she has completely turned her health around and is thriving. She credits her exercise routine and raw vegan diet for all this success.

Wheatgrass making a difference for cancer patients

Janette is far from the only person to demonstrate the incredible power of nature’s many gifts in healing. When a 74-year-old Irish man, Danny McDonald, decided to eschew his doctors’ advice to undergo chemotherapy for stomach cancer in favor of growing and drinking wheatgrass, he was told he’d be dead in a matter of weeks. Instead, it turns out that his choice might well have saved his life. He effectively cured his cancer with wheatgrass, and it even enabled him to quit using the medications he had been prescribed.

Wheatgrass is about 70 percent chlorophyll, which helps the body to carry more oxygen in its blood and strengthens cells. In addition, its antibacterial properties discourage the growth of unhealthy bacteria. It is one of the most superior superfoods in existence, detoxifying the blood and strengthening the immune system.

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2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Survivor Credits Exercise & A Raw Food Diet For Her Miraculous Recovery”

  1. Healthy food and exercise instead of pumping her body chock full of poisons?
    What kind of sense does that make? DOH!!

    /sarc (just in case) Good for her. I really can’t understand the reasoning. Pumping the environment full of poison gives us cancers, and the answer is…. (wait for it) more poison.
    Sigh…. poison pays, of course. No reason we must buy it.

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    1. Indeed. The sarcasm was appreciated. What’s ironic is that many [most?] have heard of environmental toxins by now, yet most doctors don’t ever even consider environmental factors as causes for disease. Its usually ‘genetics’ and such. Perhaps its denial? Still, excellent to hear people beat this disease, especially in the manner she has. Should open some eyes hopefully.

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