– Weather Modification Caught – “Scalar Square” Over Colorado Deep Space Transmitter

Source: Dutchsince
April 29, 2016

A “Scalar Square” has appeared on RADAR over a high power transmitter in Colorado.

Here are screenshots of the event:


This heated area above the transmitter will produce wind rotation, and storm formation within usually 2 days or less. Keep watch AFTER this current storm passes for tornadoes , damaging winds, and hail nearby this Scalar Square epicenter.

Much more on SCALAR areas being heated by Radio waves:




The epicenter of this Colorado Scalar Square is DIRECTLY over the DSES deep space exploration dish. http://www.dses.org

Notice the DSES dish is operating in the same bandwidth range than NEXRAD RADAR pulses in, and operates in.

NEXRAD pulses in MHz (teens usually), and normally operates in the microwave 2GHz range. Thus the two systems can somewhat overlap in frequency.

The area where the two beams meet forms a scalar, a heated area above the transmitter.

The heated area produces electron cascade + plasma formation… as well as actual heat + wind rotation where the plasma is forming.

The plasma fans out its ions after the event occurs, which then turns into CCN (attracting water molecules to the ions) forming clouds + rain (additional water molecules on top of current naturally formed rain / clouds).

Ultimately, this rotation above the transmitter, heated area, and CCN formation causes new storms to form. The storms are usually magnetically drawn to the location which produced the plasma heated area.

Thus, we see RADAR stations and locations like the DSES actually INDUCE or cause storm formation within days of producing the scalar heated region.

Parameters for the DSES dish:

Frequencies: 10 MHz – 2 GHz
Diameter: 60 feet
Antenna Gain: 42.5 dBi at 1 GHz (see plot)
Beam Width: 2.6°/400 Mhz, 0.7°/2 GHz
Noise Temperature: 1-2db at 400MHz total system –
Noise Figure: 0.8db at 400MHz w/ 20db LNA –

The scalar square event was captured on multiple RADAR systems including Intellicast, and the Weather Channel



Billionaires & Fusion Funding: Standard Theories & Unusual

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
May 1, 2016

Mr. T.M. found this story and shared it, and it’s on one of those topics we follow here: fusion, and its investors. In this respect, the story is important to pass along. But there’s some things here hiding in the text that also ought to ring a bell, if you take my meaning. Here’s the article:

The Secretive, Billionaire -backed Plans to Harness Fusion

We’ve all heard the recent story of the various Rockefeller foundations divesting themselves of petroleum stocks, and that means they probably won’t be buying shares of Saudi Arabian Aramco, nor Saudi sovereign bonds. I commented on this story some time ago, and at the time, my suspicion was that a move that large would not happen unless there may be some news percolating privately through the backchannels of financial power. This BBC article raises a similar prospect with respect to a very secretive fusion engineering company, Tri-Alpha energy:

Around 1,300 miles (2000km) south of General Fusion’s headquarters, you’ll find another firm in the vanguard of venture-backed fusion – or, more likely, you won’t. Tri Alpha Energy, based in Orange County, California, has been notoriously secretive since it was founded in 1998: until last year, it had no public address, no readily available contact information – not even a website. Two of the company’s scientists approached for this story did not reply. This low profile hasn’t kept investors from noticing the company: Tri Alpha’s backers include Paul Allen; the Rockefeller family’s venture-capital firm, Venrock; and the Russian government’s nanotech-investment arm, Rusnano. (In keeping with the theme of secrecy, Allen’s company, Vulcan Inc, doesn’t list Tri Alpha in its investment portfolio, and a Vulcan spokeswoman declined requests to interview someone there about the fusion firm.)

Now, you’ll notice something about the approach that Tri-Alpha is taking:

Tri Alpha has staked its claim on a reactor design called a “field-reversed configuration.” This type of device has more in common with Iter’s tokamak-style reactor than General Fusion’s machine: it uses magnetic confinement and heat, rather than compression, to induce fusion, and it produces energy continuously, instead of in bursts.

The advantage of a field-reversed configuration over a tokamak is that its engineering is much simpler. But from a physics perspective, the technology is far less well-developed. Zarnstorff, who has visited Tri Alpha’s headquarters, says the company is still “orders of magnitude away” from the plasma temperatures and confinement times needed for fusion.

And the fuel Tri-Alpha plans to use is no less unusual:

Continue Reading At: GizaDeathStar.com


Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

Breakaway Links OF The Week – 4-25-2016/5-2-2016


Zy Marquiez
May 1, 2016

Below follow some of the best links of the week.

Topics this week include Gardening, Fluoride, Geopolitics, Health, Big Pharma, Geoengineering, Police State, and still a lot more.  It really might be the most information-laden week we’ve had in a really long time.

Make sure you sift through everything and see what you might have missed.  If next week follows suit, its sure bound to be intense.

Keep your ears to the ground, and stay safe.

Take care everyone.

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