Breakaway Links Of The Day – 4-26-2016

Zy Marquiez
April 26, 2016

Hope everyone’s day went well.

Here are just a handful of links for today.

Be safe.

‘Largest Single Pledge In History’: US May Increase Military Aids To Israel
Nothing to see here, move along now…

A World Waking Up: Damage After Vaccination
‘It’s No Longer An Anecdote’
[ | Jon Rappoport]

Think Tanks, NGOs & Foundations: Oligarchs Destroying Tradition – Jay Dyer On Sunday Wire
[ | Jay Dyer]

This Grocery Store is Replacing Candy in its Checkout Aisles with Healthy Alternatives
[NaturalSociety | Mike Barrett]

Eurasia Silk Road Economic Transformation
Another salient read by Mr. Engdhal | F. William Engdahl

Total Media Blackout On Biggest Cancer Story Of Decade: Millions Of Diagnoses Were Wrong…National Cancer Institute Finally Comes Clean
The plot sickens…
[ | Amy Goodrich]

Court Says Cops Can’t Look At Your Phone – #GoodNewsNextWeek
Thankfully the Police State is put in check, even if just for a moment.
[MediaMonarchy | James Evan Pilato]

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Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who regularly studies subjects such as: Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more. His own personal blog is where his personal work is shared, while serves as a media portal which mirrors vital information usually ignored by mainstream press, but still highly crucial to our individual understanding of various facets of the world. My work can also be found on

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