Mainstream narrative losing influence: Books and films achieving wild success regardless of being blacklisted by the pharma-controlled media

Media censorship
J.D. Heyes
April 22, 2016

As the new media continues to make broad, deep inroads with the American people, the mainstream, legacy media – along with its major corporate advertisers and big-money donors – is fighting back like mad, going to unusual but not unexpected lengths to prevent unfettered, unfiltered knowledge from reaching the masses.

There have been two, recent, high-profile examples, one involving a tell-all book about Big Pharma, and the other, a blockbuster documentary involving the real truth about the MMR vaccine and autism link.

The former, a new book by Dr. Kelly Brogan, was so dangerous to the prescription drug cartel that it essentially ordered media outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post to blackball the book with the goal of reducing its readership.

Threatened interests

As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote recently:

Natural News has learned that all the major media outlets obediently agreed to censor the book and its author. No reviews — not even negative ones — would be published. No interviews with the author, no TV appearances, no debates, nothing. A literal conspiracy against a book was hatched in secret and militantly followed by the entire media.”

Why? What did Dr. Brogan have to say that so spooked the legacy media and its patrons?

The book, titled A Mind of Your Own, totally and completely exposes the science fraud of Big Pharma’s antidepressant drugs, which are high-dollar earners every year, as more and more Americans are convinced they need to be medicated to get through their day. The book empowers readers with facts and information they can use to take back their mental health – with better food, natural therapies and nutrition, all things that don’t make Big Pharma any money.

Dr. Brogan, an Integrative Psychiatrist, would not be denied, however, thanks to sites like ours and other alternative media dedicated to ensuring our readers are given the truth and allowed to make up their own minds, rather than being told what to think and how to act.

While the legacy media ignored A Mind of Your Own, it has gone on to soar to #1 in the “Depression” category of; it also climbed as high as #20 overall on Amazon’s 8.8 million book inventory list.

What’s more, if you’d like to download the first chapter for free, you can – click here to get it. Then, if you want the entire book, Amazon has it here, while Barnes & Noble has it here.

‘Some very powerful forces …’

The second example is the recently released documentary VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe (see the trailer here), a film that unveils the true story of CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who publicly confessed to taking part in organized scientific fraud at the CDC to conceal the link between vaccines and autism.

Initially scheduled to be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, an annual film event co-founded by Robert De Niro, VAXXED was pulled from the screening schedule after De Niro was very likely threatened, as Adams noted, by the film and pharma industry, even though no one had yet seen it.

“It is our understanding that persons from an organization affiliated with the festival have made unspecified allegations against the film – claims that we were given no opportunity to challenge or redress. We were denied due process,” VAXXED filmmakers said in a statement after the Tribeca screening was canceled.

“We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.”

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