SKU Podcast #15: Bankers Finally Admit Manipulating Gold and Silver Prices

Source: SmartKnowlegeU
JS Kim
April 15, 2016

Today we discuss the recent admission of Deutsche Bank bankers in manipulating gold and silver prices after years of many prominent figures in the gold and silver blogosphere denying this obvious fact that had been supported by mountains of evidence, and we pose the question, “What ulterior motives drove prominent voices to deny that gold and silver prices were manipulated by bankers?”

The above includes a clip from the film “Take Shelter” that is used for educational purposes to illustrate a point as it relates to gold and silver “conspiracy theories” that is entirely different than the point illustrated in the film. I do not own any rights to this clip and Hydraulx Entertainment, REI Capital, Grove Hill Productions, and Strange Matter Films own all rights to this clip.

Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks…

Deutsche Bank Admits it Rigs Gold Prices…

SmartKnowledgeU Challenges the Legitimacy of the Paper GLD and SLV Investment Vehicles, 15 July, 2009…

JS Kim Challenges CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton to Stop Fraudulent Manipulation of Gold Prices, 16 October 2008…

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