The GMO Scrapbook – The Strange Case Of The Bee Keeper And IG…

bees and honey

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
March 24, 2016

Mr. V.T. shared this article, and it’s a whopper doozie, even though at first glance it may not seem to be too significant.

But first, a little background. Do you all recall that, beginning in the 1990s, we began to hear of the sudden fall in the populations of honey bees, first in the USSA, then in Canada, and  then in Europe?  At the time, this “colony collapse disorder” had everyone mystified: there was no apparent explanation, but everyone, myself included, knew something was amiss: we were seeing far fewer bees buzzing around our flower gardens, and, for those of us who live in more southern climes, even a drop in little hummingbirds.

So what was going on?

As the phenomenon began to be talked about – largely on alternative media and talk shows such as the USA’s “Coast to Coast AM,” some people began to connect it with the rise, at around the same time, of GMOs and their acocmpanying glyphosphate herbicide. And one bee keeper noticed the same thing, and decided to investigate:

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