Brussels Attacks – The Black Glove – False Club & Diversion

Jon Rappoport
March 23, 2016

The now-famous photo of three men pushing carts in the Brussels airport is offered as evidence: these are the attackers.

Two men are wearing single black gloves on their left hands.


The press offers two possible explanations, both of which, according to FOX News, are being considered by law-enforcement investigators:

One: the gloves concealed detonators. If the left hands of the bombers were released from their grip on the cart handles, the bombs would go off. Two: the gloves reduce static electricity, which could cause the bombs to go off prematurely.

An Australian terrorism researcher states that he knows of no symbolic meaning the gloves could have.

Okay. There is an obvious question about the gloves. Why is each accused bomber wearing only one? Two gloves wouldn’t change the detonator or the static-electricity explanations.

In fact, wearing only one glove would be a very strange move, since it might draw attention. As in: why are those two men wearing only one black glove on their left hands?

I understand that criminals and terrorists aren’t necessarily geniuses, but the one-glove approach seems ridiculous.


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