Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion

reduce food waste
Christina Sarich
March 17, 2016

Americans waste a lot of food. So much, that it adds up to about 62 million tons every year. With such wastefulness, it’s time to get serious about a solution. Fortunately, a new comprehensive report released by Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data (ReFED) has some helpful suggestions for saving more than 1.8 billion meals from being tossed in the can (or 1.3% of our Gross Domestic Product simply wasted.)


From the ReFED website:

The Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20 Percent is the first ever national economic study and action plan to reduce food waste at scale. It identifies the most cost-effective solutions and defines research priorities in an effort to spur multi-stakeholder action.”

ReFED estimates that the solutions suggested in their report could create 15,000 new jobs over the course of a decade, provide 1.8 billion more meals per year to America’s food-unstable, and divert 2.6 million tons of food away from U.S. landfills annually.

In addition, it could prevent 18 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year and save 1.6 trillion gallons of water. Those are some huge claims to make. Can they be backed up with proof?

Apparently, if we all followed the 27 suggestions listed in the report, those ambitious goals are indeed obtainable.

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