The “Body Hacking” Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits

Justin Worst, Marlo Webber And Jes Waldrip show off an LED light implant.  Grindhouse Wetware calls it the Northstar.

March 15, 2016

The “body hacking” movement is about implanting into the human body technology such as RFID chips, cameras and even LED lights. By bypassing health and ethical issues associated transhumanism, this body hacking pushes this movement to strange new frontiers.

As stated in my previous articles about the subject, transhumanism has been heavily promoted in mass media in the past years, whether it be through movies, music videos, video games and documentaries. Often, the word “transhumanism” isn’t even used. Instead, we simply show how a robotic enhancement “upgrades” the human body and makes it cooler, effectively selling the idea to people who believe they are being entertained – especially young people.

A by-product of this trend is “body hacking”, a movement that forgoes the ethical and philosophical questions associated with transhumanism to go right into drilling robotic parts onto one’s body. While many of us dread the day when microchips implants will be a requirement in a dystopian society, some people actually pay to have it done to them.

Here’s an interesting article about the movement from NPR.

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4 thoughts on “The “Body Hacking” Movement Pushes Transhumanism to Disturbing New Limits”

  1. Transhumanism… hm, don’t know about that term, probably better than cyborg I suppose. The “trend” is not only inevitable but irreversible. Remember the time when sickle-bar mowers were instruments of the Devil? Without equivocation, I can say I’ve seen into the future and in the world then, cyborgs are the norm; unaugmented humans the rarities, maintained as a sort of “original gene pool, a kind of heritage. There is nothing sacred about human bodies, I mean look, “we” gladly eliminate them by the tens of thousands every day just to profit from their demise, so, what’s a little implant? Besides, if ordinary people are “implanted” today, that may actually work against those makers of dystopia when they get around to forcing implantation. There may already exist a “front line” of defence. Imagine if “they” (the sociopaths leaders) decided to shut down the Internet but millions were already implanted with chips that can do cloud searches, etc., able to continue spreading information? I’m 70 years old now, and my memory is still quite good from a normal Earthian level, but if I could get an implant giving me instant recollection of everything I’ve learned in school, experienced in life, developed as personal philosophy or give me access to any slice of history I want, as in a mega-personal Google search engine, would I hesitate? Not for a moment.

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    1. You’re right. Am not against transhumanism myself, but against the version of it peddled by the sociopaths. The scenario you pose would be hard to disagree with. The ability to be able to recall information at any moment would be quite enormous.

      Regarding the future, wouldn’t doubt for one second the issue with cyborgs and the like. There’s much amyss within our society and the patterns of technological innovations being used against humanity is at the forefront of that.


      1. “There’s much amiss within our society and the patterns of technological innovations being used against humanity is at the forefront of that.”
        Of course, if we were really serious about overcoming our sociopathic leadership, we would ignore fighting fire with fire as I suggested in my comment and move directly to re-inventing ourselves as truly, passionately compassionate beings. Eliminate all the things we think and do personally that incite some degree of violence, however small, and the socioppaths would have nothing to hang their blind hatred upon. Again, it’s up to us; it always is. It’s called taking responsibility.

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        1. Very much so. Couldn’t agree more. The individual truly holds the key to the kingdom, although most realize not how much inner strength they have. Your words ring true however.

          In fact, if we WERE to fight fire with fire, they would know how to handle it. They would love that. They’re prepared for it. Now, love, compassion [as you state] and so on, would drive them up the wall. Plus only love could lay the foundation for a society that’s better in the future anyways. Appreciate your insight.

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