2/23/2016 — West Coast + EAST Coast Volcanoes hit by Earthquakes – New Unrest Brewing

Source: Dutchsinse
February 23, 2016

An ancient volcano in the Southeast state of Georgia was struck by a very rare earthquake this week.

In the most ironic twist of fate EVER, Pigeon Mountain volcano, near the Tennessee / Georgia / South Carolina border region, was struck by a moderate M2.5 earthquake.

The reason this is “ironic” is because just over 2 weeks ago, I issued a video where I did an Earthquake3D giveaway — as part of the giveaway for the free program I issued a Trivia question to my viewers.

The trivia question was in DIRECT reference to this location in Georgia — asking “what was the name of the volcano” that showed activity in Georgia 5 years ago (in 2011)?

The answer was (is) Pigeon Mountain and the Vulcan Mining Operation at the location in question.

See the video asking the trivia on Pigeon Mountain Volcano in Georgia here:


Now the same location mentioned in the last earthquake forecast video was actually hit by another earthquake after all this time.

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