Free speech under attack? Tech companies battle gov’t over privacy and expression

[Editor’s Note]
For those doubting Free Speech could ever be under attack, there’s a recent example of a  Preacher being ticketed for “offending” someone.  That should be unsettling, regardless whether you agree with the Preacher [or anyone exercising their Freedom Of Speech for that matter], people should have a right to say what they want.  That’s what the 1st Amendment is about.  You’re only free if you’re entirely free.  There’s no exceptions when it comes to true Freedom.  If you’re only “free” when you’re allowed to be Free, when you’re not “offending” someone, or when they don’t want to curtail your rights, are we really as free as we think we are?  Ruminate on that  a bit.


Source: RT America

A member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is arguing that freedom of speech and free expression are under attack and it’s more the just government censorship to blame. RT’s Lindsay France and media analyst “Lionel” discuss what the US government’s lawsuit with Apple over encryption means for the First Amendment, and how self-censorship could be holding people back.

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