Protect From Cell Phone Radiation With These Tips

[Editor’s Note]

For those interested in researching this abstruse topic, you’re implored to take a gander at the documentary titled Resonance – Beings Of Frequency.  Many of the dangers that we face daily in respect to electrical sensitivity, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic sensitivity, wireless technology and more are addressed rather incisively.


Are cell phones dangerous with extended use? Dr. Kerry Crofton discusses some concerns that could come from use of cell phones. Dr. Crofton also shares some tips that might help reduce your radiation exposure when using a cell phone. Find out where cell phone radiation is strongest and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who regularly studies subjects such as: Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more. His own personal blog is where his personal work is shared, while serves as a media portal which mirrors vital information usually ignored by mainstream press, but still highly crucial to our individual understanding of various facets of the world. My work can also be found on

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