Why Coconut Oil is a Healthy Fat

Source: IHealthTube.com
February 3, 2016

[Editor’s Note]
As someone who has Coconut Oil [at minimum twice] daily, can certainly vouch for the benefits of this oil.  It can be used in many ways, although the pure, 100% Organic, extra-virgin kind is the best type.  Some of the other ones are refined, which ameliorates the potency of Coconut Oil’s nutritional benefits.  Don’t fall for that.

A great book that covers the great benefits of Coconut Oil is, The Coconut Oil Miracle, by Bruce Fife.  It’s chock full of data that back up the claims made by countless folks in alternative health circles.  Its definitely worth considering.

Coconut oil is also great for Oil Pulling as well, which is an ancient practice that can improve oral health, reduce plague, bacteria, mouth infections & whitens teeth as well. 

A  book that covers that rather well is another book by Bruce Fife called Oil Pulling Therapy – Detoxifying & Cleaning The Body Through Oral Cleansing.


Coconut oil has saturated fat, and we’ve been lead to believe that saturated fats are bad. But Dr. Bruce Fife explains the difference in the saturated fat found in coconut oil. He discusses how those fats are healthy for the body and how other saturated fats found in meats for example, are not as healthy.

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