The Transhumanist Scrapbook – Teleportation Of Memory


Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D
January 22, 2016

Yesterday I blogged about the emerging technology of being able to read the specific brainwaves of individual words before they are spoken by their “thinker,” and about all the implications that seem to flow from such a capability. Today, in yet another article shared once again by Ms. M.W., we expand on this idea in yet another direction, namely, the notion of non-locality and entanglement:

Physicist propose the first scheme to teleport the memory of an organism

Physicist propose the scheme to teleport the memory of an organism

In “Star Trek”, a transporter can teleport a person from one location to a remote location without actually making the journey along the way. Such a transporter has fascinated many people. Quantum teleporting shares several features of the transporter and…

There’s so much fertile ground here for our usual “let the mind roam freely” and our usual “high octane speculation,” that one scarcely knows where to begin. But consider these statements:

With a strong magnetic field gradient, the internal states of a microorganism, such as the electron spin of a glycine radical, can be entangled with its center-of-mass motion and be teleported to a remote microorganism. Since internal states of an organism contain information, this proposal provides a scheme for teleporting information or memories between two remote organisms.

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