Breaking: Dow Going to Criminal Court in Bhopal 31 Years After Chemical Explosion


By: Christina Sarich

The Dow Chemical Company is ranked the second largest toxic waste producer in the United States. In an average year, it dumps more than 600 million pounds of toxic chemical waste on the nation. Though the company has yet to face criminal charges in the US, Dow will be forced to make an appearance in court in Bhopal. Dow faces criminal charges for the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster by its wholly-owned subsidiary the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC).

Dow has ignored three consecutive criminal court summons issued previously since July of 2013.

Aruna Chandrasekhar, Business and Human Rights Officer at Amnesty International India, said:

“We hope that the Indian and US governments have done their part to ensure that Dow complies with an official Indian court order. . .Dow must stop dodging the Indian justice system and ignoring survivors who have suffered from the toxic fallout of the disaster for over three decades now.”

It is only through the actions of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action, and not the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), that Dow is being prosecuted, according to Satinath Sarangi:

Tomorrow we will see whether the CBI helplessly watches Dow Chemical ignore Court’s order a third time, or whether it summons the courage to take effective legal action against the criminal corporation.” he said.

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