Russia’s Sputnik – Missile Tests & De-Dollarization…

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
December 18, 2015

Many of you sent these two articles to me, though did so without suggesting they might be connected, which I am going to argue in today’s blog, and I hope people will remember yesterday’s blog about the recent factory explosions in China and Russia in the context of today’s high octane speculations, for I believe these two articles, which were posted by Sputnik within a day of each other, and approximately a week before said factory explosions about which I blogged yesterday, does put everything into a very intriguing context. Here’s the two articles:

Gold-Backed Ruble, Yuan to Trigger Global De-Dollarization

Washington Left in the Dust: Russia Flies Strategic Space Warfare Missile

For sometime we’ve been tracking the emergence of the BRICSA bloc on this website, and arguing that any moves to introduce the Chinese reminbi as an alternative currency system, will require consensus within that bloc, and more importantly, an alternative or parallel system of international financial clearing, which in turn will require a system of space-based assets to do so, and this in turn will require the ability to defend them. As we’ve noted in articles on this website, the moves to such a system have been proceeding at an accelerated pace over the past year, with the announcement of China’s Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB), and prior to this, a number of bi-lateral currency exchange deals between various BRICSA bloc nations by-passing the dollar.

I’ve also pointed out, in agreement with financial experts such as Catherine Austin Fitts, that reserve currency status accrues, historically, to the nation with the strongest navy, which in modern terms translates not only to the actual sea lanes, but to space-based assets and the ability to defend them.

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