The Real Reason Why The AMA Wants To Destroy Homeopathy

By: Jonathan Landsman

Why does Western medicine hate homeopathy? Since the 1800s, conventionally-trained medical doctors have been taught that homeopathy is quackery, even ‘devilish.’ Mind you, these are the same people that thought bloodletting, leeches, mercury and lead were good to “treat” disease conditions.

A sinister plan to suppress the truth.
Since the 1800s, despite its popularity among the most respected people in society, the American Medical Association (AMA) has done everything it can to wipe out homeopathy. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman, and Ronald Whitmont, M.D. talk about how homeopathic remedies can help to resolve infections plus many other chronic disease conditions.

The world’s elite praise the value of homeopathy, while the masses receive toxic drugs

Talking about homeopathy, John D. Rockefeller once said it’s “a progressive and aggressive step in medicine.” In fact, J.D. Rockefeller took many homeopathic remedies throughout his later years. Maybe that’s why he lived to a ripe old age of 97 – despite having many health issues. Unfortunately, thanks to the Flexner Report and the destructive efforts of the AMA, all homeopathic colleges were wiped out by 1950 and most U.S. citizens know little about its healing potential.

For nearly 200 years, advocate like William James, Daniel Webster, Britain’s Royal Family, Charles Dickens, Wolfgang Goethe and Pope Pius X supported the health benefits of homeopathy. But, never mind all that, the agenda of Western medicine is clear: Convince a gullible public that suppressing (and treating) symptoms with toxic drugs are “better” than looking at the cause of disease.

Thankfully, the public is waking up. And, homeopathy is growing (again) in popularity. Don’t forget to join us for a great show about natural remedies that work!

The dark side of modern medicine: How the Flexner Report destroyed homeopathy in the United States

Simply put, oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller was determined to control the pharmaceutical industry and ‘modern’ medicine – but, first, he had to get rid of the competition such as, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalists or any other physician associated with holistic medicine. To do this: Rockefeller funded Andrew Flexner to create the “Flexner Report” – by 1910.

In this bogus report, Flexner visited all the medical schools in the United States and determined that we had ‘too many’ physicians and medical schools. Ultimately, in a classic strategy of “problem, reaction, solution” – Rockefeller (through his media connections) generated enough public outcry to motivate Congress to declare the AMA – the only group authorized to grant medical school licenses in the U.S.

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9 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why The AMA Wants To Destroy Homeopathy”

  1. My husband and I study Homeopathy and use it to treat not only us but our special needs cats. The science itself is more complex then “modern medicine”. We do not seek allopathic mecidine unless we absolutely must.

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    1. Share your sentiments as well.

      Its vital for people to realize all options available, but its sad most do not.

      However, like yourselves, we do not use allopathic medicine unless its an emergency. There is definitely a time and place for it, but its oft overused/overprescribed and such.

      We’ve been far better health-wise by taking a more ‘old school’ approach in our cases. Its only been known to use for a few years, but its helped us greatly.

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      1. Learning this science is very challenging. It is just not reading the label on the Homeopathy in order to see what it is for. Many times what is on that label is a bit misleading. You really have to know what you are doing and many times it is a hit and miss because we did not nail the constitution right. Yes we are much healthier as well, as are our cats. My Molly just passed away from CHF and when we brought her in after she stroked out to be put asleep, the Vet could not believe we had her for 6 years after her diagnoses. We were told usually cats diagnosed with this disease go downhill rapidly. She wasn’t even curious to know HOW we kept Molly alive. How sad. I’m to the point, a Vet wants to know what I have learned, I will have monies exchanged. My husband and I have years invested in what we learned in how to treat “diseases” naturally. And it does not only include Homeopathy either. ❤

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        1. Am sorry to hear about Molly. Everything you say is sensible. Its great that people like yourself are figuring out how to treat maladies by themselves so to speak It’s sad that the vet wasn’t even curious about it. If only most folks in the medical/veterinary fields knew what was available to them. Just today for instance, was talking to people about how it was my contention that nutrition should be taught in schooling at an early age and throughout the rest one one’s life. Its such an integral component to health, but conveniently overlooked as well. Real solutions seemed to be glazed over which is why its important for people to find their own solutions when possible. A lot of research can be involved, but its worth it.

          Hopefully the vet that wants to learn what you have learned applies it. At least it seems they are open minded.

          Were you and your husband always interested in alternative health, or was it something that you guys shifted towards during some point of your life?

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          1. We learned the hard way both with Vet medicine and human medicine. We found out we could not depend on mainstream medicine because they just don’t “get it”. We focus on nutrition, exercise, simple living, all geared towards reaching Balance with our minds/body. Same applies to our cats. We take care of special needs cats and it is a rare day any of them go into the Vet.
            I have been trained as an RN and at one time in my life, really believed in medicine. No longer. I do not work in medicine any longer for both personal reasons and for what I now see as truth.
            I also agree with you about teaching nutrition in school. The American diet is shocking today. People really do not know how to eat right at all. Prevention goes a long ways.
            There is “good” in mainstream medicine. I have a thyroid issue and if it were not for the hormones I take I would be in big trouble. When we reach our limit in both ourselve and our cats, we turn to allopathic but we ask questions and we refuse a LOT of the “testing” that is suggested.
            This has been a long journey, one we are still learning on. There is just so much to know and even what we do, we can always find improvements for .
            Most professionals in medicine do NOT want to know the means by which we help ourselves and our cats. They have been brainwashed to believe the band aide affect with drugs and if that doesn’t work, the knife. I don’t know what it will take for these people to be open. Until that day arrives, we in our personal lives continue to treat and to learn in the natural Healing Arts. ❤

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            1. Wow! That’s pretty intense. You’ve taken the prudent path though. That’s very brave of you. Its not easy either. Don’t know how many people share your sentiments within the medical community but still stay. And guess in all honesty staying is okay if one’s trying to help people from both sides of the coin, but these people knowing that there are other options out there refuse to tell other people. Its inexcusable in my opinion. Then again its not simple either. Its true about doctors in denial however. Things are changing though, its just much slower because most don’t know. When most people begin realizing what’s available, that its vastly more affordable, and SAFE, a tidal wave of change will begin. Until then, we must keep raising awareness as much as possible.

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              1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am not working as an RN any more. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. I could not survive in that environment any more. I’ve taken my nursing experience and apply that to what I do with our special needs cats.

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